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Do you remember the time when you connect to the internet and wait ages for the site to load?  It was quite irritating connecting to the internet using one computer at a time with broadband. However, fiber optic technology has now changed the online world with the provision of faster and reliable internet. Using fiber optic connectivity, information is transferred at a much faster rate from one place to another than broadband cables.  Fiber optics signals remain consistent over long distances and do not degrade due to electromagnetic and radio frequency signals. Since it is highly resistant you can even run it beside industrial equipment.

Keeping People Connected All Over the World

Our internet services are providing easy and seamless ways for people to stay socially connected while physically apart, creating new avenues to help people in need, fostering scientific research and innovation, helping keep people informed – in real time – on COVID-19 updates, and ensuring many can still do their jobs from their homes.

Free Standard Installation

After you set up an account for teleAustralia, you will be able to take advantage of free standard installation services provided by an authorized service provider.

18 Month Price Guarantee

Giving you the rewards of a slightly cheaper contract while limiting your contract term to give you that all-important flexibility should it be necessary.

Not Data Limits

TeleAustralia doesn’t have any data caps. You can still get unlimited texts and minutes. You can still enjoy several GBs of data. You’re not locked into any long-term agreements, and you can switch carriers as you see fit.

Get The Speeds You Want at the Price You Want

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